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Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, USA condemns the attack on Adv. Rabindra Ghosh @rabindra_adv, most prominent human rights activist in Bangladesh, by Md. Golam Sarwar. Officer in Charge of Gournadi Police Station and his accomplices. We demand the OC be suspended immediately and brought to justice immediately. Mr. Ghosh has been attacked many times by the law enforcement officials whenever he tries to unmask the complicity of the concerned department(s) in abetting crimes against Read More


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Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, USA strongly condemns the premeditated brutal killing of Adv. Palash Chandra Roy, ex-Secretary of Hindu Chatra Mahajote, inside Panchagarh jail in Bangladesh on April 26, 2019. Bangladesh Government must take the responsibility. We demand immediate suspension & arrest of Jail Super & others who are responsible. Act Now!! Read More

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Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, USA is a national organization and united platform of the Hindu, Buddhist, Christian religious people and all other indigenous, ethnic and social minorities living in the USA with the strategic goal.


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This organization was established in 1988 when the Parliament of Bangladesh adopted 8th Amendment to the Constitution of Bangladesh in violating the fundamental principles of the Constitution and in contravention of the spirit of Liberation War of 1971. The independence of Bangladesh was achieved under the promise of the religious majority that an independent Bangladesh would be a secular one, no particular religion will be favored or placed on others. Actually, the war was fought by people of all religions under the promise and principle that religion will be separated from state. With acceptance of the 8th Amendment the religious minorities felt betrayed and they formed this organization under the leadership of Liberation War hero Major General C R Dutta. Eventually, this Organization becomes true representative of minorities in Bangladesh for their protection against oppression, discrimination, pogroms by all the successive governments and not-state actors.

Bangladesh Hindu Bouddha Christian Oikyo Parishad, USA, Inc. dba Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, USA.

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