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Why does this Organization represent only three religious communities, NOT others, particularly Muslims?

First of all, this organization does not preach any religious belief. This is an organization that stands for people who are discriminated, persecuted due to their own religious belief(s). This organization actually started with the people of these three religious groups against the backdrop that has already been discussed in a separate question. Gradually, this Organization evolves to protect the rights of all people who do not belong to majority Muslim community in Bangladesh. So, at this point, this Organization stands by all religious, ethnic and social minorities of Bangladesh including but not limited to ethnic minorities, Ahmadiyyas, LGBT people.

Since people, other than majority Muslims, are being discriminated, persecuted, abused, systematically marginalized by the all successive governments of Bangladesh, major political parties, Islamic fundamentalists, law enforcement agencies, judiciary and also by non-state actors for either their religious belief(s), or membership in a particular social group or due to their ethnicity the word Muslim was never included in its name. But there is no bar for Muslims to be its supporters. Actually, there are many secular and progressive Muslims who are against minority oppression and repression, discrimination and persecution are our Supporters, and, anyone who believes in our cause can become a Supporter by downloading and filling out a form from this website.

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