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Is not it true that in Bangladesh we all are Bengalis, no one should feel as a minority as many of our leaders mention that time and again?

Yes, many of our political leaders mention this either knowingly or unknowingly, either deliberately or just spontaneously without understanding the real meaning of the term. Minority is not a feeling only, it is real. It is all about number. Any number of people who do not conform to the most others in a given territory is to be considered as MINORITY. Being minority is nothing to be ashamed of. So when one claims that s/he belongs to a minority community they do not suffer from any inferiority complex. Rather people/leader who mention that there’s no minority in a given country or territory they just deny the existence of minority group or religion. That is not their generosity, but it is either their ignorance or malafide intention to deny those people their rights as minorities as enshrined in all human rights instruments and laws. Will Blacks, Spanish, Jewish or Muslims in the USA agree that they are not minorities even though all of them are Americans? Yes, any government and the State has a sacred constitutional duty to take care of its weaker ones (the minorities) better so they do not feel unsafe, discriminated and any lower-humans than the majority groups. They have to ensure that through their works, not through empty words of lip service. Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Atheists, Indigenous people, LGBTs, Ahmadiyas all are proud citizens of Bangladesh who are minorities in number and needs their rights to be protected with their own identities as they prefer NOT as any leader would like to make them feel. By saying there’s no minority in a certain country those leaders actually try to say that if there’s no existence of minorities in a given country how can they discriminate them, oppress them, subjugate them. Not a lofty ideal though.

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