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Is it an anti-Islamic organization?

Not at all. We have already explained earlier that this organization does NOT preach any religion. It has no responsibility to prove and/or establish the superiority of one religion over other. As per the Constitution of Bangladesh and Human Rights Declaration of 1948 by the UN everyone has the right to believe and practice any religion s/he believes in without being discriminated, persecuted, oppressed either by State or non-state actor. So our fight is against religious fundamentalism and government connivance, inaction and some overt and/or covert action that encourages and tolerate hatred, atrocities on religious, ethnic and social minorities in Bangladesh. Not all people believing in any particular religion can be bad and held responsible for misdeeds of few. Our aim is to pressure the government to take action, help the government to adopt policy to fight Islamic religious fundamentalism that becomes increasingly an existential threat to the religious, ethnic and social minorities of Bangladesh.

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