Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council is a national organization and united platform of the Hindu, Buddhist, Christian religious people and all other indigenous, ethnic and social minorities living in the USA with the strategic goal.

i) To ameliorate the situation-political, economic and social- of the Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Indigenous, ethnic and social minorities living in Bangladesh through:

(a)   Human rights advocacy in the USA, in the UN and before other Governments and Non-governmental organizations;

(b)  Rehabilitation of the victims;

(c)   Seeking punishments of the perpetrators-direct or indirect;

(d)  Drawing attention of the Bangladesh governments;

(e)   International human rights forums, including but not limited to, International Court of Justice, UN Human Rights Commission etc.;

(f)   Asking and recovering compensations from the Government of Bangladesh for the victims of atrocities due to the direct action(s), negligence, inability, connivance of the Government, its different departments, agencies or by the private group or groups;

(g)  Holding the Government of Bangladesh responsible and accountable in all relevant world forums;

ii) To help religious, indigenous and ethnic minorities of Bangladeshi origin in seeking remedy for the past injustices, and 

iii) To ensure religious freedom and equal rights both in theory, under the Constitution of Bangladesh and other international Human Rights instruments, and in practice.

iv) To provide framework for adequate protections for the religious and ethnic minorities of Bangladesh from future violations against them through awareness, advocacy, interfaith dialogues, and other peaceful and legal means.

v) To ensure religious freedom, equal civil, political and social rights by promoting, fostering, and upholding the principal tenets of Independence War of Bangladesh, particularly the Secularism, as well as ensuring a just, peaceful, dignified and humane living environment for all religious, indigenous, ethnic and social minorities in Bangladesh based on equal rights and equitable and proportionate representations in legislature, executive and in judiciary of Bangladesh.