Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the complete legal name of this organization ?

    Bangladesh Hindu Bouddha Christian Oikyo Parishad, USA, Inc. dba Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, USA.

  • Against what background this organization was established?

    This organization was established in 1988 when the Parliament of Bangladesh adopted 8th Amendment to the Constitution of Bangladesh in violating the fundamental principles of the Constitution and in contravention of the spirit of Liberation War of 1971. The independence of Bangladesh was achieved under the promise of the religious majority that an independent Bangladesh would be a secular one, no particular religion will be favored or placed on others. Actually, the war was fought by people of all religions under the promise and principle that religion will be separated from state. With acceptance of the 8th Amendment the religious minorities felt betrayed and they formed this organization under the leadership of Liberation War hero Major General C R Dutta. Eventually, this Organization becomes true representative of minorities in Bangladesh for their protection against oppression, discrimination, pogroms by all the successive governments and not-state actors.

  • Why does this Organization represent only three religious communities, NOT others, particularly Muslims?

    First of all, this organization does not preach any religious belief. This is an organization that stands for people who are discriminated, persecuted due to their own religious belief(s). This organization actually started with the people of these three religious groups against the backdrop that has already been discussed in a separate question. Gradually, this Organization evolves to protect the rights of all people who do not belong to majority Muslim community in Bangladesh. So, at this point, this Organization stands by all religious, ethnic and social minorities of Bangladesh including but not limited to ethnic minorities, Ahmadiyyas, LGBT people. Since people, other than majority Muslims, are being discriminated, persecuted, abused, systematically marginalized by the all successive governments of Bangladesh, major political parties, Islamic fundamentalists, law enforcement agencies, judiciary and also by non-state actors for either their religious belief(s), or membership in a particular social group or due to their ethnicity the word Muslim was never included in its name. But there is no bar for Muslims to be its supporters. Actually, there are many secular and progressive Muslims who are against minority oppression and repression, discrimination and persecution are our Supporters, and, anyone who believes in our cause can become a Supporter by downloading and filling out a form from this website.

  • Who can be a member?

    Anyone who is and/or was a citizen of Bangladesh or spouse or child of such person and belong to any community that is considered as a minority group in Bangladesh can be a member?

  • Why a Muslim can’t be a member of this Organization?

    This Organization was established to protect the rights of religious and ethnic minorities of Bangladesh. The Muslims, being majority, are not being persecuted and/or targeted for their religious belief in Bangladesh. It is true, though, that the Muslims can be persecuted due to their political opinion and/or sexual orientation or their memberships in a particular social group. Those are NOT covered under the mission of this Organization.

  • Is it an anti-Islamic organization?

    Not at all. We have already explained earlier that this organization does NOT preach any religion. It has no responsibility to prove and/or establish the superiority of one religion over other. As per the Constitution of Bangladesh and Human Rights Declaration of 1948 by the UN everyone has the right to believe and practice any religion s/he believes in without being discriminated, persecuted, oppressed either by State or non-state actor. So our fight is against religious fundamentalism and government connivance, inaction and some overt and/or covert action that encourages and tolerate hatred, atrocities on religious, ethnic and social minorities in Bangladesh. Not all people believing in any particular religion can be bad and held responsible for misdeeds of few. Our aim is to pressure the government to take action, help the government to adopt policy to fight Islamic religious fundamentalism that becomes increasingly an existential threat to the religious, ethnic and social minorities of Bangladesh.

  • Why does not your organization talk about Muslims in Palestine, Yemen, Syria, China or India?

    First of all we do NOT side with the oppressor in any country. But as an organization we have our limited goal and focus that we strive to achieve like any other organization. We have to be conscious about limited resources and expertise. Focusing on one group(s) of a particular state or region does not necessarily mean that we oppose other people in similar condition in other country(ies). In other words, an organization that works to eradicate HIV does not mean that it wants people to have cancer. But yes, if any organization that represents any minority community anywhere in the world who are oppressed, discriminated against, we are open to share our experiences with them for mutual benefit.

  • Is not it true that in Bangladesh we all are Bengalis, no one should feel as a minority as many of our leaders mention that time and again?

    Yes, many of our political leaders mention this either knowingly or unknowingly, either deliberately or just spontaneously without understanding the real meaning of the term. Minority is not a feeling only, it is real. It is all about number. Any number of people who do not conform to the most others in a given territory is to be considered as MINORITY. Being minority is nothing to be ashamed of. So when one claims that s/he belongs to a minority community they do not suffer from any inferiority complex. Rather people/leader who mention that there’s no minority in a given country or territory they just deny the existence of minority group or religion. That is not their generosity, but it is either their ignorance or malafide intention to deny those people their rights as minorities as enshrined in all human rights instruments and laws. Will Blacks, Spanish, Jewish or Muslims in the USA agree that they are not minorities even though all of them are Americans? Yes, any government and the State has a sacred constitutional duty to take care of its weaker ones (the minorities) better so they do not feel unsafe, discriminated and any lower-humans than the majority groups. They have to ensure that through their works, not through empty words of lip service. Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Atheists, Indigenous people, LGBTs, Ahmadiyas all are proud citizens of Bangladesh who are minorities in number and needs their rights to be protected with their own identities as they prefer NOT as any leader would like to make them feel. By saying there’s no minority in a certain country those leaders actually try to say that if there’s no existence of minorities in a given country how can they discriminate them, oppress them, subjugate them. Not a lofty ideal though.